Athlete Performance & Milwaukee Sting Volleyball Partnership

We are super excited to work with the Milwaukee Sting Volleyball Club.

Working with a nationally ranked in the 20 best volleyball clubs in the country is a testament to the hard work, persistence and people involved at Milwaukee Sting, in addition to the dedicated families and athletes that all are on the recipe to produce excellence.

Please take a few moments and review the information below.

We can’t wait to see you in the gym!


What is an Elite Performance Training Session?


Movement Efficiency Test (MET) Assessment enables a qualified performance coach to quantify a baseline for each athlete. Specific data points captured and documented in addition to observing functional movements. Measuring and documenting performance metrics is important so trends can be developed as each athlete will be re-assessed every 6-8 weeks, which holds the athlete and Athlete Performance accountable!

For more info, please watch the video below.

What Sting Alums Are Saying About Athlete Performance


Now that you know about the program, you are probably thinking, this all sounds exciting and great, but what’s the investment and membership details?

How To Sign Up

Please NOTE: Our memberships and packages are fully refundable for any reason. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you are able to terminate at any time.

For a summary of our easy 7-step process to start working with Athlete Performance, click here.

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