AP Consulting

Team Consulting

A clear plan to increase strength and better condition your athletes

Through our experience working with NBA, College, and High School basketball teams, we have the knowledge necessary to work with you to reate a strength program that fits your team. Our program will build strength through our unique group exercising routines, combing power and plyometric movements strategically to build better athletes.

Off-season consulting will help you setup a 3-4 day a week program that will make your players stronger, quicker, and more explosive using the same techniques as the pros. Pre-season consulting assists you in building a 2-3 day a week program that will focus on strengthening athletes and making sure they’re conditioned for the upcoming season. Once the season has started, will construct a 2 day a week program zeroed in on strength maintenance that will keep your players strong and injury-free throughout the season.

High School Strength Consultations

Custom-developed, comprehensive workout program for multiple sports

The experts at Athlete Performance will work with your school to setup an all-sports, comprehensive workout program.

Each team will get their own skeleton workout template and we will help them create the best workout for the needs of the team.  Also, we’ll help create off-season and transitional workouts for athletes not currently participating in a sport.  Best of all, our team will teach your entire staff through a series of in-house coaching clinics.