Athlete Interval Training Options

One-on-One Customized Training

Training designed for you, your needs, and your goals

Sometimes, a little one-on-one is needed to take your game to the next level. One on One Custom training programs at Athlete Performance are perfect for the athlete looking to make major gains in their particular sport. Our training staff will develop a comprehensive, custom-tailored workout regimen that is fit to your needs, strengths, and goals. With unlimited access to our world-class workout facility, you will receive personal attention from our host of experts during every workout. We want to see you grow as an athlete, and individual training is your ticket to becoming a faster and stronger competitor.

Customized Individual Small Group Training

A custom-developed training program to meet your expectations

As an athlete, you need to have an edge over the competition. We believe that our customized, individual small group training is that edge. Utilizing a custom-tailored workout program, the experts at Athlete Performance will help you develop your strengths to satisfy the needs of your sport and your team. While workouts are conducted within a small group of athletes (no more than 3), this training still offers individualized focus on the athlete’s goals, even while being trained in a small group setting.

Athlete Interval Individual Program Training

An individualized progressive training program to help you meet your goals

At Athlete Performance we train athletes, not weight lifters.  Each athlete has individual goals and needs that need to be met.  Each program will start with our fundamentals of athleticism and progress to the needs of the athlete.  Conducted in a group setting (no more than 6 start at the same time) this is a great way for any athlete to improve on their individual athleticism needs.

Team Training

Excel as a team with a program designed specifically for you and your teammates

No team ever achieved greatness off of the work of one.  In order to compete, teams must work together outside the arena of competition.  The staff at Athlete Performance recognizes this and offers similarly tooled workout regimens for groups.

While still maintaining an individual focus, the AP Advantage Custom Group training program is tailored to the needs of the group.  Utilizing methods matching to our individual strength training, Athlete Performance promotes improvement and polish in the areas of strength, speed, and agility through meticulously crafted exercises.

During the plan formulation, the highly-trained senior staff at Athlete Performance takes in account the group’s age, sport, and even the time of season that correlates with our program.  The result is finely tuned results for both the individual and the team, as every group’s training plan is exclusive.

Within our well-appointed and advanced workout facility, our training staff promotes an energetic and positive workout atmosphere that is conducive to achievement in both the athlete and the team as a unit.  Through a unique circuit-style routine, improvements are marked by an increase in strength and a strong sense of team unity.

Track your individual performances with custom Athlete Training packets.  You will see gains in speed, strength, and explosiveness, all while building a strong, team-centered work ethic.

We don’t set our sights solely on seeing gains in personal athletic ability, but also bring a pinpoint determination in creating better team solidarity.