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Are you ready for a new training experience that will challenge you and deliver real results? Sign up today for APEX — our newest program designed specifically for adults. Fitness goals revolve around getting stronger and being more consistent. During the APEX experience, you will train 2-3 times per week to move better and build strength.

We know success works in peaks and valleys — our goal is to minimize the valleys to get to your peaks as effectively as possible. The APEX program will provide safe, effective training that will delivers results with a positive training experience.

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What is APex?

Athlete Performance Exercise (APex) is our results based training program, designed to match your play span with your life span. Training to fit your needs, during times that fit your schedule. Check out the online schedule and book a time slot for yourself. We have early mornings (6:00 AM) midmorning (9:00AM), and evenings (5:30 PM)

We have some of the top coaches in Wisconsin, and you will have access to them every workout if you choose.

Education: All of our coaches have a Bachelors or Masters in Exercise Science/Kinesiology.

Experience: Our coaches have years of practical experience training a large spectrum of different clientele. From young athletes up into the professional level and everyone in between. Now you’ll have access to them every time you come in.

Energy: Athlete Performance trainers will bring it each and every day. We are here to motivate, educate, and design the perfect program for each individual.

Online Training is always an option as well. With the Athlete Performance App you can take us as trainers anywhere. Join a group/team or have an individual program designed. Message a trainer directly through the app with any questions.

Program Details

You will begin with a Starting Point Session with our Training Director. Here, we will go over your goals, do a Movement Efficiency Test (MET), and a brief workout. From your Starting Point Session we will develop the program to meet your goals most efficiently based off of your schedule and budget.

Each membership you will have access to our Small Group Resistance Training Sessions (SGRT), Half Hour Hustles (HHH), and Accountability session to make sure we are living up to the promises we made to help you meet your goals.


Class Types & Training Options

Small Group Resistance Training Half Hour Hustle
Up to 6 individuals per session Up to 20 individuals per session
Resistance Training Program designed with progressions and regressions based on each individuals function and needs. Sessions based on Membership selected Heart rate dependent training. Designed to burn fat and feel great. Access to up to two sessions per week
50-55 Minutes 30 Minutes


Black Blue White Private Sessions
$197 per Month $147 per Month $97 per  Month $60 per Session (packages available at discounted rate)
3 SGRT per Week 2 SGRT per Week 1 SGRT per Week
Up to 2 HHH

Open Gym Access

Up to 2 HHH Up to 2 HHH

How APEX Works

Step 1
Step 1

Click the Get started button

Step 2
Step 2

Meet virtually or in person with the training director

Step 3
Step 3

Schedule and Show up

Step 4
Step 4

Utilize monthly accountability sessions

Step 5
Step 5

Move better, feel better, live better

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